Selection Criteria

Rising Ventures intends to invests in early stage businesses.
We prefer ideas that are market tested, B2B, in the areas of: sports and gaming, media, social media,
site and social analytics, data privacy tools, marketing services, ecommerce and SAAS for enterprises.
We are always open to evaluate projects from other areas.

  1. Management Team

    Leading businesses in the context of uncertainty has its ups and downs.
    So we look for teams who can adapt, refocus and stay on course.
    We look for teams with full time dedication to the business,
    technical know-how and that know the key levers of their business.

  2. Business Plan

    We prefer business plans with clear premises, that are easily verified and with realistic projections.

  3. Growth Potential

    We are looking for scalable, international, fast growing, projects.

  4. Revenue Focused

    Although growth is an important part of developing a company, we prefer business models that include clear,
    and easy to implement, revenue sources.

  5. Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    The project has to have a demonstrable competitive advantage, which can be sustained in the mid-run.

  6. Fit

    We only invest in projects where the Founders and Rising Ventures objectives are aligned and where
    this is clear for both parties.