Selection Process

  1. First Meeting

    Where we present Rising Ventures, and the Founders their Project. If we agree that we should continue
    talking, the next step will be,

  2. Request for business plan and / or other relevant information

    Rising Ventures will ask for information regarding the project so as to understand it better. If the information is satisfactory and both parties agree in the essentials, the next step will be,

  3. Meeting with Executive Board Member

    After an initial vetting process, we will schedule a meeting with Gabino Oliveira, our Executive Board Member, so as to introduce the project to him. There will be as many meetings as deemed necessary.

  4. Presentation to the Board

    If the project is deemed interesting, it will be presented, internally, to the rest of the Board. They will produce the go, no go, decision regarding investment

  5. Term Sheet Negotiation

    If the Board’s decision was to invest, Rising Ventures, will present a term sheet detailing the investment structure, board representation and equity shares.
    If it is a co-investment, this document will reflect the position of Rising Ventures and all other investors that
    it has brought along. If all parts are in agreement, we’ll start the due diligence process.

  6. Due Diligence

    This will consist on the analysis of the documentation, validation of the given information
    and background checks. In the beginning of the due diligence process,
    we will talk with the founders about the company valuation, investment structure
    and possibility of co-investment, in order to insure that the expectations of both parties are aligned.

  7. Contract Negotiation

    Basing its structure in what was defined on the term sheet, and aided by the information collated during the term sheet negotiation, a final contract will be produced to define, in detail, the nature of the relationship between all parts.

  8. Funding and Mentoring

    When all parties are satisfied with the terms and language of the term sheet and the contract, we will proceed with the investment. This is only the beginning of the process.
    Rising Ventures will give access to its contact network as well as mentoring, to achieve the business goals.